Electrification of industrial steam systems

Heat pump-based steam systems as an economically attractive option.

Replacement of gas-fired boilers with high-temperature heat pumps in existing steam systems may be an economically attractive option to achieve electrification of industrial processes. In order to do so, it may be desirable to reduce the pressure of steam.

Traditional steam systems are powered by fossil-fuel fired boilers. In these systems, steam is generated at
high pressures and distributed throughout the system, delivering the heat required at the point of use for the industrial processes.


Heat pumps are a very attractive technology as they can upgrade waste heat and generate steam with high efficiency. 
Heat pump efficiency is closely correlated to the temperature at which the heat pump delivers heat. In order to use heat pumps effectively, it is necessary to re-think the way steam systems are designed and used. It becomes key to the feasibility of a project to reduce the temperature of the steam system to a minimum.



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