High-Temperature Heat Pumps

This project develops and demonstrates a heat pump portfolio that exploits the variety of natural refrigerants to provide optimal solutions for a variety of applications. The portfolio is based on natural refrigerants, while three pilot plants are going to be developed and tested. The three pilot plants are using R718, R744, and hydrocarbons.


  • What is a High-Temperature Heat Pump?

    No clue what a heat pump is and how it can supply high-temperature process heat? Get an overview here!

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  • Modular and Flexible Design

    Modularity and flexibility are crucial aspects of technology design when reaching for the highest performances at a variety of applications.

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  • R718 System

    R718 (water/steam) is a well-known heat transfer fluid, and steam compression systems can provide electricity-based solutions at highest efficiencies. Steam compression systems may…

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  • Hydrocarbon System

    The hydrocarbon system makes benefit of the variety in medium properties of hydrocarbons, which may be used in standard cycles, cascade arrangements, or as mixtures. The hydrocarbo…

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  • R744 System

    The R744 (CO2) system is intended to mostly operate in the gas region, and it is expected to yield the highest efficiencies for applications with large temperature glides.

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