Possibility to join as end-user

The project has the possibility for one more end-user to join - with the possibility to act as a demonstration host and getting the high-temperature heat pumps demonstrated at your facility!

The project consortium has one free spot for an end-user, preferably from the food industry. Therefore, we are looking for an end-user who is interested in joining the project.

As a project participant, you would be involved in an energy mapping, in which it will be analyzed how your production facility can be transferred to heat pump-based process heat supply. Furthermore, there is the option to act as a demonstration host for one of the developed technologies.

If you are interested in the project, feel free to contact Peter and discuss your options for joining. We are certain that the project will be a great chance to learn more about the high-temperature heat pumps, which will pave the way for decarbonizing your process heat demand above 100 °C!