Project Partners

The project involves 16 partners from Denmark, Germany, UK, and Sweden.

The project group is composed of skilled and renowned partners with the common aim of developing high-temperature heat pump technologies which have the potential of creating a direct impact at the end users. The partners embody a broad range of technical competences, and they are experienced in bringing technologies from R&D into applications. The project is coordinated by Danish Technological Institute (DTI).

DTI and DTU represent the R&D partners with a focus on the development of the technology and the approaches which are to improve the process integration.

Soft & Teknik is an experienced manufacturer of refrigeration and heat pump systems, and they also manufacture software and hardware for electrical systems. Soft & Teknik will develop, construct, and provide the HTHP systems for testing and demonstration.

In addition to the system manufacturer, there are various original equipment manufacturers involved in the project in order to develop and provide respective components. Bock will be responsible for the compressors used for the CO2-system and the hydrocarbon system. For the steam compression system, two compression technologies are considered. CS Techcom will develop and manufacture a two-stage turbo-compressor system, while Hamburg Vacuum will be responsible for a spindle-compressor. Spirax Sarco will support the development of the steam system and provide the respective components. Alfa Laval is involved as a project partner for the heat exchangers and Danfoss for the expansion valves. Fuchs Lubricants will develop suitable lubricants for the compressors for the CO2 system and the hydrocarbon system.

Viegand Maagøe is involved in the project as a consultancy company with focus on energy analysis, energy efficiency, and electrification in a variety of industries.

GEA Process Engineering is a leading supplier of process equipment for various industries and processes. They will focus on the integration of heat pumps in their process equipment.

As participating end users, Arla Foods, Danish Crown, Chr. Hansen and Royal Unibrew are involved while representing a large share of the Danish food industry. The end users will host the demonstration activities during the last phase of the project.